Monthly Archives: August 2007

Person Id like to spend a day with

A question at a recent staff meeting prompted “What person would you like to spend a day with”. At first my obvious answer was Jesus. But laying that aside, I settled on Peter. Here is a man who started rough, messed up along the way and finished strong. Here is a man, who at times was uncensored in allowing his thought to come out his mouth. The man who could be at the pinicle one moment, then at the bottom on the next. And when the ressurection occurred, he was the one the angel had a specific word for.

What made him tick? When he “went a fishing” after the death of Jesus, why did he go back? Was it what I feel inside to be true , that he wanted to go back where God showed up big in his life? What was he thinking when he heard the word from that angel? What were his last words? His parting thoughts?

Thoughts on Lord of The Rings – Frodo

I sometimes understand what it feels like to be Frodo. To bear a burden that few seem to understand. To carry responsibilities that are so much larger than I am. To walk through an unfriendly land, having my energy drained, and having to press on, trudge on, even in the midst of great pain, inner and physical. To be surronded by people who at times think less of me or doubt the abilities I posses. Thats why I cheer for Frodo. Because Frodo is me.