What is up with Mike and police? – From Facebook

Some of you have wondered and some of you have asked me. What are the postings? Are you an officer? What’s the importance of it? Why do you do it?

First, I’m not an officer, nor was I ever one. I just appreciate them. It all started on 9/11. While I was thinking on the events of 9/11, it made me consider how thankful that we should be for our local police and fire crews. I called my local Police Department (Huber Heights) on 9/11 to ask them to let the on-duty officers and fire fighters know that they were appreciated. I was informed that they had not had that request in over 14 years. An unsolicited act of kindness. So I have made it a personal goal of mine that no officer or fire fighter in my area will ever work through a holiday and not know that that are appreciated by someone. I want to make sure that every hero in my area knows that they are honored. I’ve been establishing contacts in police and fire departments within 75 miles of me. I send them emails on the holidays, and when there is an accident, I pray. And when it’s close enough, I’ll visit at the hospital. And I’ve been to a viewing and a funeral.

Some of the postings you see are from the Officer Down memorial pages . It’s my small tribute to fallen heroes. They deserve much better, but it’s what I can give. Most of those I have contacted the department to pass my condolences to the family and the department. In these situations most people forget that the department has lost a brother/sister.

Now, the big question, Why. Like I said before, I want to be there for those who are there for me. For those people who a majority of the time are cursed because they hand out speeding tickets. I wanted to let them know that there are people who truly support them. Who care about them. Who are concerned with their struggles. But basically, to me, it started as something that God has for me to do. But now, I enjoy it. Nothing like riding shotgun (no pun intended – and for those who know of my skills, I did not hold or touch a gun!) in a Police Cruiser. It brings joy to me to know that I make someone a little happier, or help give them some comfort in their grief. That’s a portion of why I do it.

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