Monthly Archives: July 2009

I only want to give.

I had my first 2 declines from Police Departments today. They thought I was trying to sell something, when all I really want to do is give to them.

I understand that my goal can be a tough sell. I’ve tried to put myself in their shoes. It’s their job not to trust and take what folks say at face value. They have to peer through the “spin” that people put on their lives. I noticed that in ride alongs. And one of the jobs of a Police Chief is to look out for the well being of those who serve under them.

And in all likelihood, it isn’t the first declines. I’ve contacted departments and have heard nothing back. I even hand delivered a letter to one location(the chief was out when I went to visit). So I suppose that this isn’t the first. It’s just the first that I actually got to hear the decline. And it questioned my intentions, and character. That I think is what shook me.

It’s my goal that no officer in this state will ever have to wonder if they are appreciated. That no officer on a beat on Christmas morning will wonder if anyone cares if they are out there. That no officer who has a 2 year marriage and a newborn who gets to spend a couple of hours on a holiday with his young family will go to work and wonder why. I don’t expect to change society, though it would be nice.

So today, it’s a minor setback. But I’m going to keep going. I’m going to keep asking. As long as there is one officer in this state, I’m going to be there.