Some things to process

I have alot going on inside my head and heart right now.

1) Thank you to all to all the vets out there who came before, with and after me. We’ll always be brothers. The honor is mine.

2) I came back from the visitation for Captain Thornsberry. Having only known him through pictures and friends today, I’m hopeful that once I get moved in up in Heaven we could sit and chat a while. A truly good man.

3) Thank you to all the other departments, part time guys and auxiliary officers watching over Preble County tomorrow while the Sheriff’s office grieves the loss.

4)To anyone going through Preble county tomorrow, remember that you’ve lost a great man. So give your cops an extra break today. And if you’re ahead on one in a drive thru, surprise them by paying for lunch.

5) To all the people who thanked me for being a vet, or took the time today to thank us, You’re welcome. I don’t claim to be a hero. And I’ll never be on the same level as those guys who took Normandy or fought in the jungles of Vietnam. But I thank you for thinking about us.

6) To all the vets out there who have yet to find peace, it’s my prayer that you do. To those still reliving the nightmares about the horror they’ve seen, I hope you can find peace.

7) To the men and women at the Huber Heights Police Division, I’m proud to be in your city. I’m proud that I got to spend 12 weeks with some of the best cops on the planet. You’ll hear from Dr. Mike again.

8) To my beautiful wife who puts up with me every day:You truly are amazing. It’s unfortunate that your husband sometimes lets you down, or breaks your heart. He really does love you.


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