Las Vegas Metro Police lose a third officer

I was planning on writing an article about my recent experience with the Huber Heights Police Academy , but that will wait for a few days. Police Officer Trevor Nettleton of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department “was shot and killed after being confronted by several robbery suspects in his garage. He had returned home from his shift and was working in the garage when the three gang members entered and confronted him.”

Police Officer Trevor Nettleton joins two other officers from the LVMPD this year. Police Officer Milburn (Millie) Beitel III and Police Officer James Manor were both killed in the Line of Duty this year.

I can not imagine going into work and finding out that one of my co-workers was senselessly murdered the previous day, especially when 2 others have died this year. But that is exactly what the officers of the LVMPD are going through today.

His family is in my prayers.He is survived by his wife, two-year-old son, two-month-old daughter, and parents.

The officers of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department are again in my prayers during this dark time as they continue the mission of making our world a safer place.

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