Las Vegas Metro Police lose a fourth officer – 2nd this week

Correctional Officer Daniel Leach of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department “was driving a prisoner transport van to the Tucker Holding Facility to pickup prisoners when the vehicle collided with a semi truck that pulled into his path from a side street.”

Correctional Officer Daniel Leach joins three other officers from the LVMPD this year. Police Officer Milburn (Millie) Beitel III and Police Officer James Manor were both killed in the Line of Duty this year, and Police Officer Trevor Nettleton was murdered just a couple of days prior to this accident.

I commented earlier that “I can not imagine going into work and finding out that one of my co-workers was senselessly murdered the previous day, especially when 2 others have died this year.” Now imagine going in to work and 2 co-workers for the week. That is exactly what the officers of the LVMPD are going through today.

His family is in my prayers. He is survived by his wife and two children.

The officers of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department are still in my prayers during this dark time as they continue the mission of making our world a safer place.

For those of you who are readers out there, be nicer to your officers today. Buy them lunch. Say “Hi” at the gas station. Don’t complain about your speeding ticket. Whether you live in Vegas, Dayton, Lexington or in some town no one has heard of, officers have all lost a brother. Again. The LOD toll is up to 106 for the year. Lower than last year, but still entirely too high.

And if you do live in Vegas and you see an officer, be extra nice. You’ve got some good guys out there who are hurting.

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