Line Of Duty Death – Some thoughts

A “line of duty” death is something that officers know can happen, but don’t really like thinking about too much. But today they are. In cities and small towns across the USA, cops are thinking about it. Praying for the families of the Lakewood officers, the LPD. They are also praying for themselves. Praying that they will be spared yet another shift. That the next traffic stop won’t be their last. Praying that the group picture will not have an officer missing. Praying that they never have to hear that final call come across their radio. Praying that their husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend is never met at the door by the chief with bad news.

May 15th is the day that Congress set aside every year as Police Memorial Day to honor and remember the over 18,000 who have given their lives protecting our way of life. But as citizens, let’s not wait until then. Let us join with our officers in prayer. Help them make it through another shift. Bring them home safely. Spare them from the horror and tragedy that conspires against them. Pray that no one has to explain to another 4 year old girl why someone shot her daddy or mommy.

I pray that it never happens again in my state, but the odds are against me. But I’ll pray for it anyway. And if something does happen, Dr. Mike will be there just like I promised.

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