Letter from Law Enforcement Today

Here is a piece I recieved permission to republish from it’s owner, Little Nessie. It was posted in the Facebook group Law Enforcement Today.

Today is December 7, 2009. It is 12:25 am and WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH !! With 7 police officer’s still waiting to be buried, last night just before 10 pm, yet another police officer has been gunned down with an assault weapon!! We are hurting and we are PISSED OFF! There is a war going on in our own back yards and no one seems to be taking notice of the law enforcement personnel out there fighting for your lives while at the same time trying to stay alive. We are dying simply BECAUSE we are cops! This has got to end … NOW!

All we want is to come home safe … for one more night.

It is time for the courts and the politicians to start taking notice! We are sons and we are daughters. We are fathers and we are mothers. We are brothers and we are sisters. We are husbands and we are wives. We are human beings. And we are drained from all the funerals we attend of one of our own. Forget the unions and the individual agencies. We must now ALL STAND TOGETHER AS A BROTHERHOOD and FIGHT for our lives!

We head out into the battle everyday. And we know we may not come home that night, but we do it anyway. It is who we are. It is what we were born to do. We are the defenders against the evils that come after all of you. But we need help. We can not continue to do this ourselves. We need to band together, in unity as a brotherhood and we must start demanding some defense against our inevitable deaths. We are out-gunned and out-lawed. Even in the wake of the several multiple shootings against the police, we still went out that night to keep on the front lines. And yet, at every turn of the newspaper page, once we get passed the rhetoric of some celebrity “oops”, the next thing we read are how the police are being cut in another town. Or there is no money for extra ammunition, forget the fact we are out gunned. Many agencies do not even have funding for bullet proof vests. We are their defense … but who is ours? Who protects US?

There is nothing “routine” about our jobs. On the way to a call, we get smashed into and die. On a traffic stop, we get beat, stabbed, run over and shot to death, because one punk didn’t want you to find the one joint he had in his ashtray or because a driver was angered over a $75 traffic ticket. We race up to a home to a domestic where someone is having an argument over the remote control and we get a shotgun blast to our face. And we die. We get called to an alleyway or a vacant building and are cut down by a fully automatic assault weapon and we die … simply because it was Tuesday.

We come across the same faces, day in and day out. The same crimes being committed. We think this time they will go away for awhile, but there they are, back on the streets the next day, committing the same crime. Over and over, day in and day out and yet, we still go and try .. for “maybe this time”. And then that same criminal will pull a knife and stab us. And we die.

We go out there everyday, without question nor hesitation. We are the ones who have the images of a slain child burned into our minds and then we must knock on the door and inform the family that their child will not be coming home. We will continue on into the hours to try to find the one who did this to their child. We will forgo birthdays, anniversaries, holidays in order to find the person responsible for taking your child’s life.
We do this without question nor hesitation.

We are the ones who must look upon the faces of the battered and bruised and we comfort them. We are the ones who are expected to counsel, mentor and teach, with no formal training. And we do it. We are the ones who watch over the children while the parent can not be found. We are the ones who may give you a ticket in the morning, but we will give you our lives that same night.

All we are asking is for someone to start taking notice. We are asking that we band together as one. Whether you are local, county, state or federal. Whether you are a motorman, a patrol, a guard, a detective or a specialized agent. We all BLEED BLUE and if we do not stand up and stand tough, our blood will continue to spill.

Sometimes there is JUSTICE … Sometimes there is JUST US

All we want is to come home safe … for one more night.

Please join us here at ” Police Officer’s fighting for their right to live

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