An Open Letter to Saint Michael from a humble cop…

This note was published by a good friend of mine, Gerry Gustin from the Huber Heights Police Division. I found this note moving at the time, and even more so now.

Dear Saint Michael,

I am thankful for over 25 years of protection that I have received from you and hope that you don’t find my letter disrespectful. But times they-are-a-changin’ Sir. We are used to reading about the murder of a cop or two in a state all the way across the country where there’s huge crime and drama. Those of us on the job listen to the story, say a silent prayer for their souls and their families. Most of America just goes about its business – more concerned with whom Jennifer Anniston is hooking up with than how someone could murder a law enforcement officer.

Literally thousands of us attend memorial services in Washington DC each May with cops from all over the world. Most of them get it – some just go to party – but most of them get it. Every officer killed was a little piece of all of us. That’s why I always went. I wanted to get it – and I did. I am respectfully thankful of that. You were there Mike – and I appreciated it. I am GLAD I was not on of the ones that didn’t get it.

St. Mike – it seems that now we have people more frequently taking out even more cops at one time. Ambushing them. Knowing that many cops would be present or arriving and taking advantage of this to reduce our numbers, make our wives and husbands cry, make our children grow up in the shadow of the badge with the rose, instead of the under the protection of the badge that daddy or mommy wears on their chest and pokes them in the face when mommy or daddy hugs them good night and goes to work. There are so many examples, Mike. You know them all – you helped their souls each time. North Hollywood Bank Robbery, the attacks on the World Trade Center Towers on 9-11-01, and then the more recent situations wherein our country’s cops are being gunned down two, three, four at a time.

Saint Michael, I pledge on my faith and my own soul to do whatever you guide me to do – to help in some way – to listen and be open to your words. Help me help us. Help us to help us! WE have got to take better care of each other. We have got to be prepared at all times, yet remain approachable human beings. Help us find that balance.

There have been enough tears in the last, nearly three hundred years. over 15000 names on the wall in DC. MOST of them from little bitty departments nobody ever heard of. You only gotta see a little guy dressed up in his dad’s uniform at the police memorial, standing at attention as they light the blue laser, tears streaming down his mom’s face, melting candle in his hand – to understand. Please Saint Mike – bolster your shield, sharpen your sword, help us stay alive. Let the offender face his God in judgement for his or her crimes – but let the officer live.

Not much to ask an arc-angel… right? Please Sir, have a talk with the Big Guy. Give us a few more breaks this year. It’s only April.

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit – Amen.


Lt. Gerry Gustin – Huber Heights Ohio Police Division

God Bless ’em – every one!

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