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RIP Lexington Police Officer Bryan Durman, killed in the line of duty April 29, 2010.

This morning I learned of the death of Lexington Police Officer Bryan Durman. Officer Durman was the first LOD death in a department that gets my emails. So this truly was one of “my guys”. There were other deaths in Ohio, but not in one who gets my holiday emails. So Officer Durman’s death is a little harder for me.

Not that any are not hard for me. Every one gets special treatment. I cut out the name and department and tape it to my cubical overhead. I email the department to express my condolences. It’s not much, but I try to honor them in ways that I can. But officer Durman is different. His picture is there.

Some of you may not be able to understand that. How could the death of a officer I’ve never met affect me so deeply? Is it because he gave his life protecting a city that I’ve driven through hundreds of times, that I still have family in? Is it simply because he was an officer? I think that it is best viewed with a pastor’s heart. He was in my “congregation” every holiday. When he read that email from Dr. Mike, that was the sermon that he heard. He heard me say “You are cared for”. “You are cared about.” “Someone thinks you are important enough to try to find ways to get this email into your hands.”

I hope he didn’t die on that street with that fleeing vehicle the last thing he saw. I hope he wasn’t alone. I hope that when he died, he had people around him that loved him. I hope in those last moments he didn’t wonder if his life mattered. I hope that he had no regrets as he was embraced in the arms of his Savior.