Please distribute to all Law Enforcement, Paramedic and Fire personnel – 9/11/2010

Distribution: Please distribute to all Law Enforcement, Paramedic and Fire personnel

First, I want to say thank you to everyone who has made it possible for me to distribute this message. I can not express my gratitude enough for your assistance. It is an honor to get to write to you and want to thank each of you for the jobs that you do everyday.

As I write this message, we are only a few weeks away from stopping our normal routine to remember those who lost their lives in the attacks that day. Around 3000 people lost their lives that day. 343 firefighters gave their lives that tragic day. In fire stations all over the United States we’ll “remember the 343” for being heroes. 69 officers of the NYPD and PAPD gave their lives that day and more since then due to 9/11 related illness. They will be remembered in police stations across the country as heroes. The more time that I spend with fire and law enforcement personnel, I notice the brotherhood that exists. The sense of brotherhood that recognizes that you might be a firefighter in Dayton, a trooper in Lexington, or EMS in Indiana, that there is a bond that exists between you and other people, people you may never meet, but you consider them a brother/sister anyway. It is truly awesome to see.

Elbert Hubbard is quoted “Our admiration is so given to dead martyrs that we have little time for living heroes.” This is a sad fact of our society, one I’d love to change. We have heroes every day who sit in engines and cruisers and ambulances, which get far less admiration than they deserve. I hope each of you receive an outpouring of appreciation. I hope that people see you in stores and restaurants and pick up your bill. I hope you again hear the cheers of the community you protect. I hope that in the midst of your routine, you feel the gratitude and support that you deserve. You have my support and admiration.

I’ve said it in every email, and every chance I get. I’ve said it to the chiefs and administrators when I contact them. I’ve said it to you on the streets and stores. You all are heroes. I don’t know how often you hear it, but I’m certain it’s not nearly enough.

Dr. Mike Crain I, D.Min.
ucraimx AT

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