My thoughts – Clark County LOD – Deputy Sheriff Suzanne Hopper

Today is a dark day in the Miami Valley, particularly for Clark County. The CCSO had not lost an officer in the Line of Duty (LOD) since 1978. And this one was shot while TAKING A PICTURE OF A FOOTPRINT. I did not know her. Some of you reading this note may have. I’ve heard it say that she was a fine person, and a fine officer. Now, we have another taken from us. Officers across the Miami Valley (and Nationwide) are grieving tonight. Taken, doing what she loved, and taken protecting the citizens of Clark County. I’ve never been a cop. So I can’t tell you how it feels to have someone you know and talk to cut down in their prime my someone who doesn’t have the decency to fight fair, but shoots her in the back.

I’ve seen the Thin Blue Line in action…and closer than alot of people. I’ve heard the complaints, and witnessed what some of you do at traffic stops. And I’ve watched how they sometimes vent to (or sometimes at) each other. What the patrol thinks about “the brass”. I’ve seen why that officer in the rain looks angry as you try to drive around her patrol car. You may hear/seen that too. But I also know some of the WHY. Why do they think that way? Why is that cop so mad when you try to go around her car? The bottom line…they just want to go home safe. They just want to see their spouse, kids or parents after a long shift. They just want to make it through the day without having the hassle of giving you a ticket. And NO, they really do not want to give you a ticket. They would much rather you drive safely.

She died with no one there who loved her. No one in the last few minutes to utter her last words to. And it happens alot more than it should (161 deaths in 2010).

But this one is especially close to me. The Clark County Sheriff’s Office was one of the first local agencies to believe in me and my mission to support officers and firefighters. I did not know her, but she kew something about me. She read my note on the holidays. She knew that Dr. Mike was there. And that someone gave a darn that she was out there. On the holidays, in the rain, in the snow, in the cold, in the hot summer sun, after tornadoes. In court on days off, working odd shifts to cover for sick co-workers. Someone cared that she was giving up time with her family to protect countless other families.

So I stand up for them. That’s what I do. And I’ll do it until the day that I die. And if that’s not acceptable to you, then you can feel free to ignore, avoid or unfriend me. That’s your choice. But I’m going to stand up for them.

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