Help needed for a former LEO/kids – Cancer

I had this sent to me by a friend of mine. I know it’s Christmas and times might be tight, but please, if you can help. It may be his last Christmas with his kids.

Hello Friends!

I am writing you because one of our former brothers in blue needs our help. He would never ask for help himself, but I was able to get him to give me the ok to put this out there for his two children. William “Billie” Helpinstine, Former Deputy at Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office and Park Ranger at Five Rivers Metro Parks is in desperate need of help this Holiday Season. He was diagnosed with liver & pancreatic cancer almost a year ago and was given a very negative prognosis. He has been unemployed for many months now and unable to work due to his health condition. He has two children: Angel and Alex. Angel is 7 and Alex is 5. Without any help these children will not have a very Merry Christmas this year and soon will be without their dad. Alex is very much into Spiderman and Angel loves Barbies. They both like books, puzzles, and board games. If anyone is interested I can also get their clothing sizes.

I am going to be collecting gifts for Bill’s children and gift cards for food (Kroger), and gas cards. I would like to have a few people or whomever wants to help or deliver their gifts themselves, meet me at the old K-Mart Lot on Dec 22, 2011 at 6:30 P.M. to drive to the Helpinstine Residence (Which is near by) to play Santa for the family. If anyone has a Santa Suit and would like to volunteer to play Santa or an Elf that would be super too. Sorry for the short notice but Bill is a very proud person and didn’t let us know of his condition until now.

If you have any questions please call me anytime: Shawn Baab at 937-604-0686 or Email me at ShawnBaab@Gmail.Com.

Let’s make this Christmas special for the Helpinstines!!

The Facebook event is located here.

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