To Be a Cops Wife

I have some friends who are wives of a Police Officer. Anyone who knows anything about me knows of my limitless support of the Officers who protect us every day. But the wife of a cop also has a lot to deal with. So in honor of my friends who are LEO Wives….

Every morning I watch him put his vest on. Then he places his badge on his chest. He always checks his gun, and makes sure all is in order before he heads out the door for his tour of duty. I silently pray that he has the present of mind to shoot first if he needs too. Even though I know this action may end in his name being degraded in the news and by the public. No one considers his 2 children at home. They only think of the cracked-out delinquent whose family will claim it was an act of police brutality & excessive force. No one considers the 48 hour man hunt he may be on in 100 degree heat, while wearing a ballistics vest & 50 pound rig belt. The public will critize him, for not finding him sooner. No one knows that he watches his children sleep, thinking of the 18 month old he just preformed CPR on. Or the 5 year old that died in his arms, because his mother didn’t think he needed a car seat. We don’t shop in Walmart together. He knows he may see someone he arrested, and for fear of retaliation, he doesn’t want his family to be made. He brings his gun to church. Because even there, he scans the crowd, for someone who may pose a threat. How about that day, he walked into his sons 1st grade class, to rescue a little girl from returning home to a house filled with unspeakable abuse. He spends his paycheck at the thrift store, stocking up in stuffed animals to pass out to the neighborhood kids he encounters everyday. He spends holidays away from us, attends birthday parties in uniform. He leaves in the middle of the night, and can’t explain the call from his lieutenant. He greets a sobing family with terrible news, as he vows to find the perpetrator. He keeps his bible on the front seat. He knows he needs it. So before you critize him laughing at a crime scene, just remember he has to find a way to block it all out. He wears his badge with pride and honor. He serves the greater good, knowing you will never understand the sacrifices he has made. It’s police week! Honor our officers.
via- The Thin Blue Line Coast to Coast

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