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Please distribute to all Police, Paramedic and Fire personnel – Happy Fourth of July

Distribution: Please distribute to all Law Enforcement, Paramedic and Fire personnel

First, I want to say thank you to everyone who has made it possible for me to distribute this message. I can not express my gratitude enough for your assistance.

Greetings to you and Happy Forth of July.

As I write this, I am coming off a week long vacation. A week of rest and being unplugged from your daily life works wonders for the soul and taking in some sights that you may have not seen otherwise is good for the mind. On my last night, I walked some of the beach thinking about what I would write in this email. Lots of things came to my mind, but I will share one of them with you.

During that time, when the pressures of life seem distant, who are you? You are a thousand miles from home, no uniform and no one knows who you are…except you. Answer this question: “Do I like who you see in those moments?” I’m not talking about “I wish I had more training in…” Nothing work related. Who are you as a person? Do you get angry too quickly with family? Do you never seem to let your guard down? Do you wish you had a hobby…or fewer of them? Do you want to stop that habit? Do you have something in the back of you mind that bugs you? Do you want to read that book you’ve heard about? I’ll be honest; there are a few things in my life that I plan to change after that trip. Take some time for you, and only you, even if it’s a walk on the beach when everybody else is in bed or a walk in a park on a long weekend. Find time to make YOU happier and a better person. Life is a journey – make yours better and help others make theirs better.

One more thing I learned at the beach. If you want the “prefect shell”, you may be looking for a while. But if you are willing to pick up the ones that are cracked, or broken, you will have plenty to choose from. Lesson: Significance and perfection do not always come in the same package. You are important because of who you are.

In closing, as always, thank you for all you do. Some of you will be working on the Fourth of July, so thanks in advance. I’ve said it before and will say it again, you all are heroes. I don’t know how often you hear it, but I’m certain it’s not nearly enough.