To My Friends Outside My Police Family: This is Why We Can’t Stop Talking About It.

For those of you who know me, know that this is a cause close to my heart. I started sending emails to departments and now over 725 departments hear from me. These people are special to me and I will always fight for them. And they have rewarded me by accepting me into their family. They have done far more for me than maybe I could ever do for them, yet I will keep trying because, for me, Blue Lives Matter as well as Gold (Dispatch) , Red (Fire) and white (EMS). So if you sre my friend and I have invited you into my life, before you share that negative story or make those cruel comments, just think about me and not participate in the hate of my extended families.

Humanizing The Badge

You may be my friend in real life.  You might just be someone who knew me when I was a child.  Maybe we grew up together and we follow each others life through social media. You see pictures of my child and I get to watch as you navigate your way through life.  You see my status messages that talk about how my family and I just took our 3 year old to the park or that my husband was just promoted at work.  Maybe you witness a birth announcement or the death of a family member as you look upon my life via a social media platform.  Either way, I have, for some reason or another, chosen to allow you to be a part of it.

You know I’m a police wife or a police husband.  Maybe I’m even an officer and we’re friends outside of my job.  You…

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