Captain America : Civil War

I saw Captain America: Civil War tonight with my family. I absolutely hated it, but not for the reasons you may think. It had lots of action. The acting was good, as were the effects. There were good lines and funny scenes. It held my attention for the length of the movie.

(Spoiler warning)What I hated is this (and maybe I’m just too analytical): Here is a bunch of “super heroes” who can figure out each other’s weaknesses and fight each other, but they can not see that the true enemy is not each other but DIVISION. Then near the end of the movie ONE of them figures it out AND KEEPS IT TO HIMSELF. I wanted to scream in the theater. Seriously.

But the more I think about it, the more I think that it sometimes resembles our workplaces and our families. We are close to each other and know what makes them tick. We know what gets to them and where the buttons are. Yet, we fail to come together and fight for each other and instead we fight each other. Sometimes the reality is this: It’s easier to “grab someone’s throat” then it is to “have their back”.

And we do it on hundreds of ways. Someone comes after your wife and you’ll fight to the death. She has a bad day and instead of being there you want to fight back. Drop a 99 and everyone comes running ( as they should) , but it something happens on the jurisdiction lines…well you know how that works.

Sometimes we are so busy that we fail to see where the real battles of our life are, and how insignificant the ones we choose to fight are. John Maxwell says “Teamwork makes the dream work”, but sometimes just fail each other.

So I guess the reason I hated the movie is because I have lived it, and maybe in some sense still do. But that’s what all good parables, stories, and lessons do. Show us what makes us mad, then holds up a mirror to our lives. It changes a “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” to an ” Ouch, that hurts. ”

So what “team” are you failing, what “team” can you do more for? What areas do you need to grow? I know what my answers are. What about you?

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