My commitment to you.

To all my Public Safety friends: You know I’d do anything for you that I can and that I’ll have your back as much and as often as I can. But I have something I need to say.
I know that we blame the administration, or the media, or CopBlock, or lack of volunteers in the department or community for where we are as a Nation (and I’ll not disagree with any of those), but to quote Dr Phil “Sometimes you have to show folks how you want to be treated.”
All it takes is one of us being on the news to make it harder on the rest of us. All eyes are on us and the media and our detractors are looking for reasons to pick us apart.
I’ve been public about some of my shortcomings and the demons I fight. And I know that some of you are fighting battles far more complex than mine, and I respect that. I respect you not wanting to put your struggles in the public eye.
We have had arrests of some of our own for issues like drug use, DUI, anger and other things on the news (not to mention what we may struggle with behind closed doors).
I want to make you a commitment: If you are struggling, and you don’t know where to go, or you have tried something and it is not working, I will help you find help. There are chaplains across the Miami Valley who would agree to help too. I’ve offered to start a Celebrate Recovery session restricted to only Police/Fire/EMS and would still do that if there was enough interest. I’ve offered to come out for ride alongs or address a shift or department, or have a yearly seminar on relationships, stress or suicide (or all the above). I’d do anything I can for you.
I made a commitment that I wanted to make the Miami Valley the best place to be in Public Safety…the best place to be a cop, firefighter, or EMS.  But when you suffer in silence, behind closed doors, you are tying our hands. But now, I’m asking  you: “Help me to help you.”
For a time in my life, I suffered alone. I know what it’s like. You don’t have to do that any more.

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