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When will the insanity stop? 3 more dead.

Since my last posting, there have been 3 more deaths of police officers, and 2 of those were killed in cold blood. This brings the total for the year to 114.

Deputy Sheriff Adam Michael Mehagan of the Osage County Sheriff’s Office, Oklahoma was in an automobile accident.

Officer Philip Davis of the Pelham Police Department was shot and killed while making a traffic stop.

Police Officer Michael Crawshaw of the Penn Hills Police Department was shot and killed in an ambush.

Officer Philip Davis and the Four heroes of Lakewood will be laid to rest 12/8/2009. If only we could lay to rest the violence that took them from us.

I said it in a previous post that “A “line of duty” death is something that officers know can happen, but don’t really like thinking about too much”. But all of us who are close to a cop carry that same thought. I’m close to a few and not a day goes by when another hero is invited into eternity that I don’t think about that. Might Ohio be next? What if it’s even closer. Everyday that I pray I ask God to keep the officers in my area safe. I pray that they will make it home to see their families again.