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Honoring Heroes Website and Mission

I had a really nice meeting this morning with Bill Finegan, the driving force behind the Honoring Heroes website. Bill is former EMS from Philadelphia, and First Responder issues runs in his veins. I must say that I left that meeting wanting to really make a difference in the lives of First Responders.

I want to encourage (read that as “DO IT!”) all my friends who are First Responders or those of you who appreciate and support First Responders to take a look at this site. I want to highlight some things here that are truly just the tip of the iceberg for what this organization is doing.

First , if you’ve notices on my last few LODD posts, I have a link to their information on the Honoring Heroes website. I really like the format of the information about the hero, and how they take time to tell the story…THEIR story. You can find some real good information that you won’t find on USFA or ODMP. Another feature is that these stories are updated periodically as more information is found.

Second, the awards initiative. He wants to standardize awards given to First Responders. You can nominate someone for an award. There is a suggested donation of $20 per award. This leads into another really cool plan. Half of the donated money ($10 per medal) will be set aside in the Homeland Heroes Fund to provide for the needs of the surviving spouses of First Responders who have died in the line of duty.

See the FAQ page if you have any questions, or contact him.

There are lots of initiatives that they are trying to accomplish. So please, go take a look. Help if you can.

Oe other thing you can do to help. Check out the Danny Mac bill (House) and the Dale Long Act(Senate) and voice your support to your representatives.