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Recent officer injuries

In the last few days, we have a few stories of officers who are seriously injured after being attacked by criminals.

Un-named Minnesota State Patrol officer was injured in a shooting along Interstate 94 in Oakdale.

Sgt. Norman Benjamin was shot near the intersection of Summer and Avon while responding to a robbery call at a restaurant just before one Saturday afternoon. Police are looking for a Maroon Nissan Sentra TN plate 449VYC driven by a black female with black male shooting suspect in back of car.

Auburndale, FL Officer Stacy Booth, 26, was walking up to the house when the suspect, Michael Wayne Lester, fired a shotgun blast through the door.

Attacks against officers are becoming more brazen. If you are an officer, always be prepared and wear your vest. If you are not an officer, pray for those who are. Also, on a more positive note, 3 other officers were shot at, but were not injured.

Deputies Eric Bryan and Steven Bodek of the Buckingham County Sheriff’s Office killed a suspect who fired on them. They awere uninjured.

In Montgomery County, KY the State police say 45-year-old Terry Pruitt hid under a bed when officers came in to serve a warrant, then got up and threatened one of their undercover agents. The un-named officer shot and killed the individual and was un-injured.