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2 Off-Duty Police Officers killed in Car Accidents this weekend

Two officers were killed in off-duty accidents. Both are still under investigation but it appears that one was the fault of a drunk driver, and the other was now wearing his seat belt.

To all my friends and readers out there, I can not stress enough the importance of wearing your seat belt. Not just during the Click-It or Ticket campaign, but every time you are in a car.

Also, always be alert while you are driving. If you notice someone weaving or crossing the yellow line, choose safety and pull off. If you see someone driving in an unsafe manner, get to a safe place.

Officer Kevin Jessup – End of Watch(DATE)

Rest in peace Officer Kevin Jessup. The NYPD is in my prayers.

Deputy Matthew Swain – End of Watch:9/11/2011

Rest in peace Deputy Matthew Swain. The Grant County Sheriff’s Office is in my prayers.

Off-Duty accidents claim the lives of two officers.

Two officers died due to off-duty accidents. I usually honor primarily “line of Duty” deaths since there are dedicated websites to get the information. But MCA System – Blue Alert notified me of these. Since it’s “how these men lived” that make them heroes, I choose to honor them here. Please also remember to “be safe out there”, even when off-duty. Wear a helmet.

Shawn McGibbons – End of Watch 8/9/2011 Rest in peace Officer McGibbons. The San Antonio Police Department is in my prayers.

Officer Jarrod Louis Stathers – End of Watch 9/8/2011
Rest in peace Kimberly Police Officer and Trussville firefighter Jarrod Louis Stathers. The Kimberly Police Department and the Trussville Fire Department is in my prayers.

Officer involved shooting – NOT TODAY!

Dave Smith when he wrote Entering 2011 in a ‘conspiracy of safety’ for really began pushing this phrase : NOT TODAY.

We will continue to post articles, news, and videos to help you as our part of the conspiracy. You will actively think when you read or watch these posts, “What would I do?” mentally rehearsing YOU resolving this or that crisis successfully. On the street, think to yourself, “Not today, not on this shift, not on this call, not on this stop — I will not be caught unaware!”

So September 1, an officer in Eastern Kentucky was faced with an option: Shoot or be shot. He choose to shoot. Good. This officer gets to go home tonight, safe. Now the bad guys know that the Kentucky State Police aren’t to be messed with.

If you would like, you can try to arm-chair quarterback this one. But there are a couple of important facts that should be remembered.

1. This individual was hiding from the KSP, and chose to come out of hiding and point a gun at the officer.

2. The officer did not have time to research this man’s mental state, or determine if the gun was loaded, or get references from the neighbors that he was a “nice man”. In a split second he chose to eliminate the threat. “NOT TODAY.” “I will survive.” “I will go home tonight to my family.”

Kudos to this undercover officer. You made the right decision.