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My conversation with God

This entry among infrequent entries details a conversation that I had one night.

God : So, what did you tell your son last night?
Me : Yea, I know what I told him.
God : Why is it different for you?
Me : I don’t know, It’s just different.
God : What do you really want to ask Me?
Me : Why do I hurt? All the time?
Me : Why do I have the same struggles with the same sin?
Me : Why does it seem those closest try to hurt me the most?
Me : Why can’t I talk to You?
Me : When will this battle be over?
God : Well son, you live in a world that is trying to put my light out. You have that light in you. So you’re just as open to attack as the next guy. What is it you say “Man up”?
Me : Come on God, that’s not fair.
God : And what is it that you say about fair.
Me : I came for help you know.
God : You’ll get it. You just have to learn to see past yourself.
Me : How? That’s like saying, “I know your legs are broken, but help that old lady across the street.”
God : But haven’t I promised to be there to help you? I mean, the Blood of Jesus, Baptism of the Holy Spirit. Is that ringing a bell?
Me : But it’s not easy.
God : Did I say it would be? What’s the title of your blog? Life is a War. Life, like war isn’t usually easy. It isn’t pretty and is hard to wrap up in a box. If you could, would you need me? If it was easy all the time, what good would the Comforter do for you?
Me : You have a point. So what’s my problem?
God : That’s your problem. You try to figure too much out. What topic can I put this under? When can I mark that off my to do list? What time did I finish that? You don’t have any problems. What you have is areas that you need some help.
Me : What? How can you say that? Besides being God and all. I mean, I live in my body every day. And I have lots of problems.
God : Problem – 1. any question or matter involving doubt, uncertainty, or difficulty.
Me : OK.
God : Well, number one is not so good. The fact that you talk to me indicates you don’t have doubt.
Me : But sometimes I do.
God : Not really. Is doubt what keeps you going? Is that what makes you read the Word everyday? You may not understand everything, but that doesn’t mean you have doubt. You can have faith in your heart with out having it all figured out in your head. And since you’ve staked your life and studies in Me, uncertainty is not such an issue with you.
Me : Yea, but what about difficulty. I feel I’m surrounded by that.
God : Oh no, you have me there.
Me : Why is it that I think you have me?
God : I do. Difficulty is just a matter of perspective. Can you fly a plane?
Me : No.
God : Speak Swahili?
Me : Uh, no.
God : Brain Surgery?
Me : I wish….
God : Why can’t you?
Me : I don’t know how. It’s difficult to do what you don’t know how to do.
God : But someone can, right? They know how. So your difficulty is easy to someone. All you have to do is let someone who can take care of those things take care of them.
Me : I think I know where this is going.
God : Oh really?
Me : Since You know what You’re doing, stand back and watch.
God : Nope. Wanna try again?
Me : I’ll listen now.
God : Good. I’ve been waiting for that. You see, if you just ask me, then listen, then obey, you’ll notice a big difference. You forget sometimes that God is in your corner. See what I did in six days? Son in one week, one week, your life could be completely different. Your battle could be over. Your victory could be closer than you think. What would you do if you knew that you had only six more days to a big breakthrough in your life?
Me : Relax. Sleep more. Be happier. Nicer.
God : Well, how about this, you walk with Me. I’ll help you through it, and you’ll see that breakthrough.
Me : That sounds good. I feel much better.
God : I knew you would. Now how’s about getting some of that sleep. I have a celebration to plan.
Me : Good Night God.
God : Good night.