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The Gospel and Star Wars

I have a confession to make. I like Star Wars. Now, sometimes that will gets you some strange looks in some church settings. But as I get older, I’m beginning to see that some things are not as they appear.

My son Michael, really started enjoying it. Then I watched the movies with him. I had never sen Star Wars prior to that. But he likes it, so I started watching it (and playing light saber wars with him, but that’s another story). I knew a few things about it. Luke was a good guy, Hans Solo was for the most part and Darth Vader was the bad guy. But I wondered, “What happened to this guy?” Well, then we saw the first three episodes together. On Saturday we watched one of the extras “The Making of Star Wars” and a line from George Lucas mad me think. Star Wars was mainly about the Redemption of Darth Vader (Anakin Skwalker).

I will cut to the chase and resist the urge to be detailed here. In the first 3 movies (the pre-trillogy) we see how Anakin was tempted with power, anger, and self-doubt issues. But his love for Padame and his willingness to spare her and his unwillingness to deal with the issues he was feeling led him to the dark side. We see him get more and more angry, frustrated, and eventually giving in to his anger. But, we almost feel, well sorry, for him.

But Why? Someone on the fast track to the top looses it all over his own instability. Because I think deep down, most of us deal with issues of anger, self-doubt or fear. The more we give in, the worse it becomes, and we finally become “to tired to fight”. We finally give in to anger and live our lives there. Or we give into self-doubt and try to prove to everyone that we are someone, or we just resign from life completely. Just because our decisions don’t jeopardize the universe, we justify where we are and who we’ve become. And it’s easier to just keep doing what we’re doing instead of fighting our way out. It’s easier to hide behind our mask and hurt so deep than it is to try to change.

His son Luke eventually taught him that he shouldn’t hate himself and he was capable of good. And at the end when he gives his life to protect his son, he finds the peace and acceptance he was looking for all along.

And Anakin did eventually find his redemption. Will we make the decision to forgive others? Forgive ourselves? Will we fight for what is right in our lives? Will WE find our redemption?