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Distribution: Please distribute to all law enforcement personnel – Police Week 2012

Distribution: Please distribute to all law enforcement personnel.

First, I want to say thank you to everyone who has made it possible for me to distribute this message. I can not express my gratitude enough for your assistance.

To the officers out there taking your time to read it, thank you. It’s always my sincere hope when you take your valuable time to read my notes, that you receive some encouragement from the words that I write. That you know that there are people who support you and stand with you when you confront evil in it’s various forms.

May 13-19 this year is Police Week. It was designated by President Kennedy in “recognition of the service given by the men and women who, night and day, stand guard in our midst to protect us through enforcement of our laws”.

On one of the walls in the National Law Enforcement Memorial in Washington DC we find a quote from the Roman historian Tacitus, “In Valor, There Is Hope.” What exactly is “valor”? The dictionary defines it as “courage or bravery, especially in battle “. So what does that mean for you?

I’ve been privileged with the opportunity to “ride along” with various officers from different departments. I’ve seen some of the “battle” that goes on in our communities, and the roles you play. I’ve seen courage and bravery displayed by officers. I’ve witnessed officers patrolling streets in tornado ravaged cities, working to make sure their city is not taken advantage of, even when they are worried about their own families. I’ve seen the running toward the “robbery in progress”. I’ve seen the knocking on the door of the domestic violence call. I’ve been in the car that started having mechanical problems, but we headed back to a problem area because “I can’t leave my partner behind.” I could give numerous other scenarios, but I’ll be brief.

You may not face a gun everyday, but it’s possible. You may not get called to a domestic that could go bad, but it’s possible. You may not be posed with danger everyday, but it’s possible. It’s possible, yet you put on the uniform and go out there anyway, trusting your instincts, your partner and your training. It may not seem like a big deal (you’ve told me “It’s just my job”), but it is. You are there for us, and even if you never hear it from anyone else, I say “Thank You”, I say that your dedication and service is appreciated.

Some of you will be heading to Washington for the National Memorial, and I hope for a safe trip. Others are going because you know someone being added to the wall. My thoughts and prayers are with you for safety, as well as healing.

But for all of you, I hope and pray that not only will the week be safe, but the rest of the year as well. I hope there is an outpouring of appreciation form the communities that you serve.

In closing, thank you for all you do. I’ve said it before and will say it again, you all are heroes. I don’t know how often you hear it, but I’m certain it’s not nearly enough.